KuCoin drops 17% in 24 hours amidst criminal allegations

KuCoin drops 17% in 24 hours amidst criminal allegations



  • U.S. prosecutors charge KuCoin with anti-money laundering violations and misleading investors.
  • CEO Johny Lyu addresses regulatory scrutiny, emphasizing that KuCoin is not an exception. 

In a significant development, U.S. Federal prosecutors have leveled charges against KuCoin [KCS], a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, and two of its founders for allegedly breaching anti-money laundering regulations. 

Amid mounting fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD), CEO Johnny Lyu highlighted that regulatory scrutiny is common across the cryptocurrency industry.

He noted, 

“The challenge we’re facing is not unique to KuCoin but rather typical growth and regulatory issues encountered by emerging industries.”

Lyu in defense of KuCoin 

The charges alleged that KuCoin operated within the United States misled investors about its U.S. operations, and neglected to register with relevant U.S. government bodies.

This happened while failing to uphold an anti-money laundering program.

Additionally, Lyu highlighted the inevitability of regulatory gaps in the early stages of an industry’s development, such as cryptocurrencies. He emphasized,

“Early-stage development often sees regulatory gaps, but as the industry matures, we move towards and embrace compliance and standardization.”

Rising optimism amidst upheaval 

All these have influenced the price pattern of Kucoin. At the time of writing, the token was trading at $12.02, marking a 17.08% decline within a single day. 

Despite the recent turmoil surrounding KuCoin, Ki Young Ju’s (the founder of CryptoQuant) insights provide an optimistic perspective.

According to him, KuCoin appears to be functioning normally amid the panic, with on-chain data indicating increased Bitcoin and Ethereum withdrawals, primarily from retail investors. 

Moreover, there are no signs suggesting KuCoin mixes customer funds, and the exchange maintains adequate reserves to fulfill withdrawal requests.

This perspective offers stability amidst the uncertainty surrounding the exchange, highlighting the resilience of the platform amidst regulatory challenges.

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