Coresky unveils CESS-Packaged NFTs: Join the future of Web3 data economy

Coresky unveils CESS-Packaged NFTs: Join the future of Web3 data economy



Coresky, the forefront asset-packaged NFT allocation platform, has recently announced the launch of CESS project subscription channel, a revolutionary step towards supporting the Web3 data economy.

CESS is a blockchain-based decentralized storage and content delivery network infrastructure specifically designed to support the Web3 data economy. It is a decentralized data value network based on blockchain, featuring a three-layer integrated design that offers decentralized cloud storage network and CDN network to support online data storage and real-time sharing, thereby providing a comprehensive solution for the storage and retrieval of Web3 high-frequency dynamic data. Notable investors in CESS include HTX Venture, Infinity Ventures Crypto, DWF Labs, Mentha Partners, Vespertine Capital, IGG Capital, Singchain Investment, 7 O’Clock Capital, and others. The CESS team submitted a solution named FMD-CESS at the global Web3 Hackathon organized by the web3 Foundation in 2021, which was recognized and eventually won the championship.

The Coresky platform is pioneering the concept of Asset-packaged NFT by converting the amount raised in the primary market of high-quality Web3 projects into Asset-packaged NFT. These NFTs are used as certificates for users to obtain tokens after the corresponding projects are listed, offering ordinary Web3 users the opportunity to participate in the primary market subscription of high-quality projects. The CESS primary market fundraising amount is packaged into CESS-Packaged NFT, with each NFT containing 2,500 CESS at an initial price of 100 USDT.

Apart from the CESS project subscription channel, Coresky is noted for its innovative A2E (Allocation to Earn) concept, which offers a dynamic approach to investment allocation in the Web3 ecosystem, providing a compelling opportunity for investors to optimize their returns through effective allocation strategies and participation in various DeFi protocols.

Additionally, Coresky delivers comprehensive solutions by combining various aspects such as fundraising project initiation, marketplaces, wallet services, real world asset (RWA) management, exchange capabilities, and NFT member benefits, making it a one-stop destination for a variety of web3 asset needs. Coresky’s competitive advantage lies in its strategic partnerships with various projects, investors, and key players in the web3 ecosystem, further enhancing its value proposition and creating network effects that benefit all stakeholders.


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