Ethereum ETF’s ‘25% odds’ – SEC wants to ‘get it right,’ but at what cost?

Ethereum ETF’s ‘25% odds’ – SEC wants to ‘get it right,’ but at what cost?



  • There exists a disconnect between regulators and potential issuers regarding Ethereum ETF approval.
  • ETH experienced a significant decline as investors brace for potential challenges ahead.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is actively pursuing a legal campaign to reclassify Ethereum [ETH] as a security.

The development has rattled several U.S. companies, which have been summoned as part of the SEC’s investigation, and has cast doubt on the prospects of Ethereum exchange-traded funds (ETFs) gaining approval. 

Highlighting the same, renowned Bloomberg analyst Eric Balchunas has noted, 

“It isn’t rooted in being btc lover or eth hater (personally we 100% think SEC should approve it) it’s simply wanting to get it right, which we have decent record of.”

He further predicted, 

“And right now it ain’t looking good. I’m sorry.”

Regulatory-issuer cooperation gap

Amid regulatory complexities, Balchunas pointed to a key issue – the apparent disconnect between U.S. regulators and potential issuers such as BlackRock, 21 Shares, and ARK Invest.

This echoes earlier observations by another Bloomberg analyst James Seyffart, which was further highlighted by Balchunas in his X (Formerly Twitter) post.

“@JSeyff has great note out today explaining our 25% odds, i love this timeline comparison chart. Btc spot comments from SEC came 91 days bf final deadline. We curr 65 days away with eth etf deadline. Tick tock..”

Market responses to ETF prospects

Consequently, Ethereum’s native currency, ETH, has experienced a significant decline of up to 6% as investors brace for potential challenges ahead.

Remarking on the same, Tree of Alpha, a seasoned trader affiliated with Binance, expressed,

“ETHBTC strength likely starts the second we get some real headway on ETFs (could even be at the start of blackrock-SEC dialogue) and not a second before. Save your ammo until then and blacklist that ticker.”

Scott Johnson, general partner at Van Buran Capital, further added, 

“I do think this relates to the ETF, along with CB/Binance enforcement actions. The SEC has been in an untenable position for some time with its position on ETH.”

Thus, as the deadline looms, market participants eagerly await insights into the regulator’s stance on Ethereum ETF approval, with wide-reaching implications for the crypto space.

This underscores the complexity of regulatory processes and their impact on investors and industry players.

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