A New Financial CRISIS?! Why A Credit Crunch Could Be Coming!

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CBDCs Explained πŸ‘‰ https://youtu.be/-yPcZ_vuFgo ~~~~~ ⛓️ πŸ”— Useful Links πŸ”— ⛓️ β–Ί Credit Crunch Definition: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/c/creditcrunch.asp
β–Ί Banking Crisis Starts Credit Crunch: https://fortune.com/2023/04/11/credit-crunch-fed-bank-crisis-recession/
β–Ί Commercial And Industrial Loans: https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/BUSLOANS
β–Ί Jamie Dimon Warns Of Debt Default Volatility: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/05/11/jpms-jamie-dimon-warns-of-market-panic-as-us-nears-default.html
β–Ί US Government Debt Default Date: https://thehill.com/homenews/senate/3982225-yellen-says-drop-dead-date-for-debt-ceiling-is-june-1/
β–Ί Fed To Release FedNow Proto-CBDC System: https://cointelegraph.com/news/federal-reserve-confirms-july-launch-for-fednow-instant-payment-service ~~~~~ – TIMESTAMPS –
0:00 Intro 0:43 Credit Crunch Explained
3:57 Banking Crisis Catalyst 7:18 When Will It Happen? 10:53 Credit Crisis Possibility 14:29 How Will It Affect The Markets? 17:43 Was This Planned? 20:01 Outro ~~~~~ πŸ“œ Disclaimer πŸ“œ The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Trading cryptocurrencies poses considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome. #Economy #Stocks #Banks

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