FixedFloat unveils revamped website with enhanced user experience

FixedFloat unveils revamped website with enhanced user experience

FixedFloat has recently announced that they have completed a significant website redesign to improve their client’s user experience and make it easier for them to trade with different types of cryptocurrencies.

The latest redesign showcases a modern and sleek user interface and allows users to easily navigate through the various services that FixedFloat offers. With the latest design work, the community can easily experience FixedFloat’s user-friendly website on both mobile and desktops.

Furthermore, FixedFloat assured that APIs will include comprehensive documentation to provide a detailed guide on its functionality, making it easier for developers. FixedFloat’s ready-made libraries will also allow developers to easily reuse the codes, thus, saving time and effort.

The FixedFloat API is built to allow developers to automate the receipt of information about the exchange rates of currencies, create orders, and manage it efficiently. Users will now have the ability to use the API to earn money on exchanges without participating in the affiliate program. 

Highlighting its one-of-a-kind affiliate program, FixedFloat assured registered users would get 40% of the profits from each exchange produced by their customers. Along with the high-profit rate, the exchange platform guarantees that the affiliate program will ensure full transparency as all exchanges made by the customers will be displayed inside the user’s affiliate account on FixedFloat’s website. Users can also withdraw easily at a minimum amount of 0.001 BTC.

Additionally, FixedFloat, with its new updates, allows users to utilize multiple referral links. The exchange also allows users to save the last-used addresses during authorization and easily add any wallet addresses in their favorite section, making it easier to conduct the crypto exchange. 

FixedFloat also promised to add new languages to its services, which is part of its mission to become the most reliable and trusted partner in the world of digital assets. 

Apart from the user-friendly website and updates, FixedFloat has a wide array of advantages with its latest revamp. FixedFloat boasts that they have the ability to provide different strategies focused on making a profitable exchange. 

Moreover, one of the key highlights of FixedFloat is its fully automated operations. The exchange’s full automation feature can rapidly execute orders, thus, saving time.

One of the barriers faced by the community is the lengthy registration process before trading, however, FixedFloat eliminates this hindrance. When trading with FixedFloat, it removes the KYC step completely and makes the registration process optional to protect the user’s privacy. 

However, if users wish to register, they can complete it in three simple steps. Users who create registers for an account with FixedFloat can track past transactions and gain access to many other benefits.

Currently, FixedFloat supports more than 40+ cryptocurrencies for exchange. As new and innovative cryptos are being developed, FixedFloat’s team is always on the lookout for more cryptocurrencies and trading pairs.

Interest traders who wish to trade with FixedFloat can visit their website. Moreover, to follow up on FixedFloat’s new updates, users can follow them on Telegram and Twitter.

About FixedFloat

FixedFloat is a fully automated service center used for exchanging cryptos. Although it’s not a custodial, FixedFloat’s exchange takes place immediately after receiving the coins and the required number of network confirmations. Formed in 2018 with a team of blockchain specialists, FixedFloat is designed to provide a convenient platform for crypto exchanges and is constantly and actively developing to provide an efficient platform for its customers.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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